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Professional · Disapproval

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Cthulhu dogs? I don't know how they'd taste, but I'd eat me a big old bowl of these. Add melty cheese & you'd lose the visual impact, but I bet it'd be sort of awesome. Kids must go nuts.

Fantastically productive day writing yesterday. The momentum has generously carried over into today, which, yay. I'll have to interrupt myself for a teeth-cleaning at the dentist in an hour. The break will give me some time for reflection on the new material, so, not a bad interruption. The Sarge is off today; I've sent him out to play so I can keep working while the fire burns. I've no classes/finals to disrupt me otherwise, & I want to take advantage of this.

Really cold here recently! It had been around the 70's, but we're back into the 40's. Had some lame little hail off & on for a couple of hours yesterday. I got quite a bit of yardwork done & hauled lots out on garbage day, always an ordeal. I deserve a prize. There's a used book sale at the library today, so, you know, maybe I'll stop by.

Spring cleaning has been underway for the past two weeks, & is plugging right along. I've purged my dresser drawers somewhat; a bit more of that is in order. I want to get rid of some old bedding, and my closet is due for a big old clean sweep. I've got stuff to haul up out of the basement.

One of my students brought me some sort of Japanese mini-cakes/muffins yesterday. Nom nom nom.
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If you can answer "YES" to three or more of these, you might be sort of contemptible.


Do you frequently use hyperbole to make your point?
Do you contradict yourself regularly? Do you do it in writing? Do you then deny it?
Do you freely offer unsolicited negative opinions?
Are you a predictable complainer?
Do you publicly request special attention/recognition/validation?
Do you habitually itemize your health/personal problems for those who do not know you?
Do you name drop?
Do you frequently misspell common words and make simple grammatical errors repeatedly (such as improper use of its/it's) as you complain about the incompetencies of others?
Do you deliberately use obsolete terms, like "shall," in colloquial speech?
Do you include irrelevant details in speech or writing because you believe they reflect well upon you?
Do you use jargon out of context?
Do you pass the ideas of others off as your own?
Do you stalk those you resent online?


EDIT. The point of this is not to poke my own critical finger at anyone having one or two of these qualities. Most people will/do.

But consider the sort of person who makes a point of magnifying the faults of other people while behaving in each these ways regularly. The list above is a quick recollection of the qualities of one single person who seems to enjoy criticism above all else.

Live in a glass house? STFU.
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Returned to "friends only" status.
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drenilop, any ideas?

From ladycatherina's LJ:
First of all, and MOST important, I'm asking a networking question for my very good, intelligent, motivated friend alliterati. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and would love to finish her undergraduate education and probably study computer science as soon as she pays off student loans. She can do web design, graphic design, writing and editing, work with kids, sorting and stocking - basically any and all kinds of work that involve careful thought in a quiet, slower-paced environment (she's brilliant and autistic and doesn't like crowds or multitasking.) She's currently between jobs and is looking for work in her area so she can stay near friends in Ann Arbor. This is a progressive college town - but with the downside that lots of students are competing for jobs.

So anyway, does anyone know of or have any ideas of jobs which would be good for her? Anyone know of a place near Ann Arbor that's hiring? Or just want to comment here and drop her a note of encouragement? I know a lot of people can relate when it comes to job search issues...also, reposts are always welcome and helpful.

Also, I don't know what the great big fat f-word my problem might be with the final part of the edit for the story. I've stalled. I can't seem to get through it to the end; I'm about to hang it up and just send it on.
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This semester's schedule is intense. I've got 4 classes to teach and will be working on our department's assessment committee, together with other similar departmental committees across the university. The goal is to establish new standards and procedures for student assessment and to implement them on a schedule.

This promises to be a lot of fun and a lot of work. So far I've loved it, especially the reading I've been doing on assessment. My director recently accused me of being at least part administrator. I was appalled for a minute, but realized that she's actually right. Some of the most fun I've had in academia besides actual instruction, which I love, has been developing curricula and new programs, raking them over, restructuring. I write my own exams & some of my materials every term... I am a sort of closet academic bureaucrat. Is this shameful?

But it's fun, even if it's also very not fun from time to time. It's creative to be able to make stuff from the ground up. Only. There are some ugly parts.

First of all, in our department, the committee is sort of making new rules. And you academics know that not all instructors take well to external direction, particularly when it will necessarily and directly (and not optionally) affect their classes and students and timetables and materials. Some will see restructuring that involves their participation as imposition into their personal, soveriegn classroom governments. This may be particularly true, I have found, among those who are of a certain age or who have established a comfy, secure routine and have no intention of deviating from it.

Also any large-ish institutional organism as unweildy as a language & culture department is by nature perpetually fluid, even sort of mildly out of control. The assessment work has shown me just how much my boss is actually responsible for. I have a new respect for her -- and I respected her just fine before -- since I've begun to feel like I'm trying to tuck an infant octopus into bed and he's not tired. Loose parts of him hang out everywhere and try to do things and he just wants a) to stretch his legs or just kick me and b) to dance, apparently.

Surface Properties is almost done. Also, made a veggie lasagna with piles of basil and garlic and fresh slices of mozzarella. Wowie, mama. I had it for breakfast.
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Proofreading Surface Properties this morning.
H is taking me out for lunch to celebrate.
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Surface Properties of the Moon, short fiction, has sold and will appear later this month in the Menda City Review. I'll post the link when it's up.

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